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About Us

 Tracker Search and Forensic Investigation (SFI) is a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 2007. The organization was founded by Tom Brown Jr., a renowned tracker and instructor of survival and tracking.  Tom, who has been tracking since the age of 7, learned how to track from an Apache elder.  Apache scouts developed a unique style of tracking which has become known as the “pressure release” system. By observing tracks in this manner, the Apache became masters of the art of tracking, able to track the smallest animals over the most difficult terrain. Tom Brown has been teaching and utilizing this technique for over four decades. He has provided services for hundreds of tracking cases involving lost individuals and the apprehension of criminals.

His aspiration has been to have teams of well-trained trackers positioned around the country to assist in the recovery of lost children and adults. Tracker SFI was founded to achieve this goal and to improve the scope of training in tracking that is available to law enforcement, military and search and rescue professionals


More about Tom Brown Jr.


Meet Our Trackers

    Bill Marple, Director of Operations

    Shane Hobel, Primary Team Team

    Brendan Konowol, Primary Team Member

    Larry Piasecki, Primary Team Member

    Mark Ward, Primary Team Member


Tracker SFI Board of Directors

Tom Brown Jr., Chairman

Karl Direske, President

Paul Miller, Treasurer

Damon Davidson, Secretary


If you are interested in becoming part of a Tracker SFI tracking team, click here for information on our next available screener.